Day 5 – getting there and another home grown meal

I wrote a full days blog post and it didn’t save. Frustrating isn’t the word! I’ll sum it up in pictures instead.

I’m on target with the weeding. On target means I am trying to get round every bed whilst I am off to make life easier for when I return to work.

I sowed some seeds which might be too late but worth a try. Peas, dwarf beans (after talking with Louise today, we both were saying how poor these had been) , Raab broccoli, autumn giant cauliflower,all year round lettuce and radishes. Oh and some Swiss chard which might be to over winter in the polytunnel. Grace helped and we had a lovely hour together in the greenhouse just sowing seeds and chatting. 

I weeded another couple of beds and got some late swede down. Even if we harvest them small it’ll be something.

Ste is off work with me from tomorrow so we’ll hopefully get twice as much done.

To get him set off on the right foot I made a home raised meal from pork medallions in a glaze (honey, balsamic vinegar, garlic, rosemary and a drop of oil) with garden veg and it was amazing. Very proud.

The wind is getting up here tonight, it sounds wild so I hope we have a peaceful night. 

I meant to say, the Aga is back on, Ste managed to fix it after the part arrived and I couldn’t be happier. 

4 thoughts on “Day 5 – getting there and another home grown meal

  1. Phew glad you got the Aga fixed it can be really expensive. Your meal looks lovely hope it tasted good. Some hard work gone on there with the weeding. Enjoy your time off and do not work too hard – you are just the same as me you don't see it as work just enjoying yourself. Have a good break. Pattypan x


  2. How annoying to lose your post, I've done that before! Pork sounds fab and I'm sure tasted yummy. I think you are right that even if something doesn't come up big it is still something you can eat and don't have to buy. I have swede in and do hope they come out ok.


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