Weekend harvests

August is a brilliant time of year when we really start to reap the rewards in the veg plot. We’ve had plenty of potatoes up until now, so I’ve just started harvesting the last lot of 2nd earlier. Now these ones are brilliant, huge yields and a definite keeper for next year. Athlete they are called so I’ll add those for 2018 list to pre order. 

I took the trug out and soon realised it wasn’t going to be big enough.

So I piled them high and went in search of a bucket, neverfar away here.

Granted these went in a long time ago, but they’ve stayed happily under ground and we’re very nice on our Sunday lunch.

These are my wacky potatoes. I know a few of you have grown these and Louise is growing them this year too. It was on the bucket list and one I can tick off. Salad blue potatoes are a purple colour (why are they called blue then?) and we had some mashed on the Sunday lunch today. They were nice and didn’t taste any different but the purple is a novelty and a good talking point for the family we had stopping over with us.

They did lost their colour a bit when cooked (I steamed them) but still fine.

These green beans were our first of the year too.

I also wanted to show you the geese, how much have the goslings grown? They’re coming on well and should be a good size by Christmas.

Ryan the house good wanted to get in the shot too.

We’ve had a lovely weekend. It’s actually felt like we’ve had plenty of time. We’ve been processing the pigs which I’ll blog about tomorrow but have also had our nephew visiting which everyone’s enjoyed. Mind you, at 15 years old he has hollow legs!! I need to grow a lot more of our own before mine reach that age! 

He’s helped out with topping the nettles, collecting the eggs, processing the meat and walking the dogs. None of these things did he see as jobs, just a fun way to spend time with us all which is lovely.

I made a Sunday lunch today followed by rice pudding and it went down a treat. The kids sat on the sofa and watched the end of a film eating it. Happy days. 

Right, best get everything ready for work tomorrow. My last week before 2 weeks off and I can’t wait!

12 thoughts on “Weekend harvests

  1. Great harvests! I tried blue potatoes a few years ago but when we made a potato salad with them it reacted with the mayo! They did taste alright though. I'll put some athlete down for me to try next year if you recommend them.


  2. Blue potatoes are fun. I think they have lots of antioxidants too. Ryan is beautiful! What kind of goose is he?When do you decide to harvest your geese? My Embden is massive but only a couple of months old?


  3. Lovely post chic. Glad you had a lovely family time over the weekend. I could kick myself as i took a photo of our sunday tea as we had purple mash, our own carrots, roasted spuds and some peas. Harumph!


  4. I like fun, and why not? Anti oxidants are a bonus, thank you! Ryan is an embden cross. We literally just let them hatch in may or June as normal then they go at Christmas which worked out perfectly for table weight. Yes our embdens are massive at a couple of months to look at but on the table they won't be I don't think. Interesting if you can catch one and check their weight to feel?


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