Monday night preserves – not tonight!

I feel bad but there’s been no preserving done tonight, however for good reason! We’ve been busy at work meaning tonight was the only night we’ve managed to sit down and write out what we want to do with our pigs that are off to ‘market’ tomorrow as the nursery rhyme goes. So we will be back with next weeks Monday night preserves showing what we’re doing with them. This is our first time doing this so I hope it goes well. Tonight they had their last evening meal with us and enjoyed some home raised veg with their feed.

They’ve done a grand job of turning the area over. They’d need fresh ground if they stayed longer so the timing is great.

Fingers crossed the are good loading and transporting! 

12 thoughts on “Monday night preserves – not tonight!

  1. Gosh, I can see you are going to be busy processing all that pork. I hope they load well – my friend used to tempt her Oxford Black and Sandys with sliced apple, which they loved.


  2. Have you got those board things you always see people use to coax pigs into the trailer or move them from place to place. I'm sure they will probably follow their noses when you provide something delicious in the trailer. Good Luck looking forward to seeing the produce.


  3. Good luck with the loading. Food always helps! Look at Cro's recipe for curing your own bacon. ( I use a belly pork joint) It really works.Those pigs have made a good job of clearing that plot (are you a John Seymour fan ?)Gill


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