Monday night preserves – Onion Marmalade

The onions which we planted towards the end of last year were harvested a few weeks ago and have been happily drying in the barn.  Now every single one of the red onions bolted and tried to go to seed.  The white ones are fabulous though.  They were planted as sets which my old next door neighbour told me are more prone to going to seed, so I’ll bear that in mind for the next lot.  With this in mind, the red ones need to be used up first.
So I picked a recipe from Pam’s book that used some of these onions and the redcurrant jelly that I’d thought was done for.
2kg of onion went into the food processor to be finely chopped.  They were put on a low heat with 100ml of olive oil and cooked down for 40 minutes.  Then I added 200g of demerara sugar and 150g of redcurrant jelly and left it on the low heat for another 30 minutes, moving it to the higher heat for a few minutes at the end.
The colour wasn’t exactly inviting at this point!
I took the pan off the heat for a minute or two and added 350ml of cider vinegar and 50ml of balsamic.
It cooked on a higher hear for another 10 minutes and when I could scrape the pan clean in one pass of the spoon, it was ready.  This made 5 good sized jars (which I didn’t take the labels off as I was sick of trying). 

This will be used with cold meats and cheeses, toasties and pork pies and the like but one jar will be kept for Christmas to have with the Christmas ham.
Most importantly to me it’s used the jelly which I thought would stay in the pantry forever and 2kg of our own onions. Perfect seasonal preserves!

10 thoughts on “Monday night preserves – Onion Marmalade

  1. Well done. I get rid of labels by soaking them in hot soapy water, then I use a knife or a scourer to remove the next stage and some of the sticky stuff. That, which is left I rub washing up liquid into and use the scourer again it should remove all the sticky residue and is cheaper than some of these removers. I then wash in hot water to finish off. Onion marmalade is a good one as you can use it for so much. Its a good way of using onions up. I do something similar with onions and garlic when I am getting to the end of a net of onions. No point in wasting things when you can get some goodness out of them. Its good in home made sausage rolls. Catch you soon. Pattypan x


  2. Thank you Tricia, it's the final stage of stickiness, I swear some were put on with the intent of never coming off! I'll look out for the onion and garlic tips on your blog when I'm next searching on there (regularly!) x


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