Comfrey tea started and harvests continue

I took the onions up today that the kids put in end of last year. They could have stayed in longer but some had bolted and the rest are more than big enough. They’re drying out and the decent ones will hang in the barn and the ones which started to go to seed will be chopped and frozen ready to use as needed straight from the freezer. Jack was with my whilst I was digging them up, doing his reading homework bless him. He had to weight the pages down with stones as it was a bit blustery!

Our neighbour grows a few things and she said she had too many pepper plants and could I make any use from them, of course! They are young but will hopefully come on in the greenhouse where I will give them bigger pots.

We had a harvesting session on Saturday, black currants, raspberries and strawberries. The raspberries went straight into vodka which is nice and quick but we were pushed for time this weekend so the rest went in the freezer. I’ll process them when I have more time.

We had a metal water tank in the greenhouse which was not rigged up so I decided to move it outside and create a comfrey tea container. I cut a load of comfrey, weighted it down and filled it with water. I’ll leave it for a few weeks then use it to water the tomatoes etc. Natures free feed!

I also harvested some chamomile and herbs which I’ll do more on tomorrow on Monday night preserves.

This weekend has gone by too quickly and I feel like I’ve not got much done, but sometimes that happens to all of us. The weather is looking promising this week so I will try and get some bit and pieces done on a night.

5 thoughts on “Comfrey tea started and harvests continue

  1. The onions could have stayed in but with some bolting, I thoughts best get them up, they are more than big enough so we will leave them to dry now. I got the garlic up too, forgot about that!


  2. I put my comfrey and nettle tea in sealed buckets as its very stinky once it starts to rot. Flippin good stuff though. Peppers love the heat mine at just forming tiny flower heads. Onions look good.


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