Goslings round 2!

On Friday night we enjoyed our neighbours company for the whole night, so we didn’t get any extra work done on the smallholding but we did have a lovely night of food and drink.
That meant we had to be up and at ’em early doors on Saturday as we try to make the most of every minute of the weekend. The veg garden (we call the new bit this, the older part we refer to as the veg plot) needed tidying up as it’s still got grass in between the beds until we get it all complete. So we took the lawnmower in and gave it a quick trim.

When we opened up on the morning, Neville (male goose) didn’t come out, which is unusual. So we took a sneaky peak inside and spotted these:
I was over the moon because if you remember, she hatched one a couple of months ago and the poor thing died. The amazing Mama goose hatched 5 goslings this time and she has been a brilliant mother so far. They were hatched 24th June 2017 just for my reference.
We’ve continued to harvest strawberries and are up to 9kg now! just as well we have plans for them all isn’t it?

The tomatoes are coming along great and are supplying us with enough to have with salads once a day, but nothing yet to preserve.

However we did have a disaster. I somehow managed to leave the greenhouse door open, without a net on. I have to have a net to stop the chickens getting in. So yes, you guessed it, my prize beefsteak tomato eaten, but only half, the chickens didn’t have the decency to finish it off!!
We dispatched a couple of ducks this weekend so that’s the start of the freezers getting full of home raised meat to go with the veg. Also we were offered a free freezer which is brilliant! Laying out hands on things like this really helps the pennies take care of themselves.
Finally we have some cherries almost ready to harvest. The key now will be holding our nerve long enough for them to ripen but not long enough to allow the birds to strip them bare which they can do in a day! The tree we’ve netted is not ready yet.

We also have spent pretty much all weekend on the little orchard we have. There’s some great work going on there which I will share with you mid week. Hopefully this post makes sense, it’s late and I’m waiting to lock up (once the light has gone after 10:30) so if it doesn’t, I can be forgiven 😉

6 thoughts on “Goslings round 2!

  1. Great post chic! You inspire me to use any receptacle I can find to grow something in. Where you cut the grass all your sowing and growing looks so healthy, well done. Jon is having a good clear out in his shed at the moment so I'm going to make sure he hasn't put anything to one side that I can use! I am soooo envious of your strawbs, well done. Cutesy goslings and tasty looking toms.xx


  2. Lol I am terrible for growing things in anything, especially when you've used all your pots and are loathe to buy more! Fingers crossed all is ok with the goslings this week, I'm worried sick when I am not at home! xx


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