A week off work

Sorry I missed Monday night preserving last night, normal service resumes Monday coming. There’s a few reasons for this. We’ve taken a week off with the kids this week as mine are off for two weeks at this time of year, due to the way the schools schedule the PD days. Also we’re out of sync as it’s been Jack’s 7th birthday and Steven has been in hospital. So a real mix of events!

My mum made a cake for jack. We celebrated over 2 days so I made one and she made the other. A lucky boy! He had a lovely day.
Ste managed to hurt his back, so much so he was taken to hospital in an ambulance on Sunday morning. I’m pleased to report that he is ok enough to be home and up and about now. He’s been instructed to rest, which isn’t in his vocabulary but he knows he has to. He’s got an MRI to go to and exercises etc to do. As he isn’t allowed to lift anything heavy, he should be taking next week off work too under doctors orders. I’ll keep you all posted.

Today we harvested our first courgette. Now it would have been our second but the slugs got the first one! We made an omelette with onion, courgette and cheese which was the best omelette I’ve ever had. We used goose egg which I really think makes all the difference. I much prefer goose egg over duck eggs.

The pigs are turning the parcel of land over that they live on, though it’s taking them longer than I expected it to. We’re going to start looking at feeding them more home grown veg and cooked potatoes as they’re costing a fortune in hard feed. It’s all learning. They are growing rapidly and must weigh around 50kg now at 16 weeks old.

On Saturday a local village held a dog show, a fun one. We went along to show support as it’s fund raising for the local community. The kids won a second prize for best under 18 handler. It was a nice couple of hours with some lovely well behaved dogs.
My first tomato is turning red! These are an outdoor variety called Garden Pearl I think. I’d need to double check.

We’ve got some funky shaped terracotta garden pots lying around the smallholding. Ste had a great idea of using them for some of the herbs, so I’ve started doing that here.

The Swiss chard in the polytunnel is doing amazingly. The peas and beans in the polytunnel are just not worth it, nor the potatoes if I’m honest. So next year I’ll do more kale, spinach and chard in there as the kale has been decimated outside by slugs. My strawberries are doing well in there but then they all got eaten in the by ants. It’s definitely ants as I’ve caught them in the act.

This is a patty pan which are all starting to swell up now.

I’m over the moon with the amount of bees we’ve got visiting our area on a daily basis. I managed to get a snap of this little guy, looking so pretty on the broad beans.

We’ve also emptied and refilled the duck pond as the IBC tanks are full. The pond takes a full tank and with the amount of rain we’ve had and are due, we thought it was the best time to get it done. Tomorrow it’s going to be windy but dry. I need to get out and do some weeding as it’s turning into a jungle out there!

6 thoughts on “A week off work

  1. I was hoping and praying that the wind didn't cause too much damage, it's knocked so.e fruit off our neighbours trees. The first runner bean and French bean flowers have managed to hang on. I've never seen our large water barrels full but they are today! Boy has it rained.


  2. Great post chic with really lovely photos. Loving Jack's cake. The yellow courgette looks wonderful. I have tried to germinate some called Goldena but NOTHING showing yet. Pigs look so healthy. My chard is in the cold frame outside but has sme way to go yet!Know what you mean about the weeds. I can hardly tell the fruit bushes from the weeds right now!


  3. Hi TracyGlad Jack had a good birthday – now two cakes that really is spoiling the little chap. Sorry about Steve – he must really take it easy. I know from personal experience. Tell him for the MRI that it is very noisy despite being given earplugs or ear phones, it is also very tight on space I hope he is not claustrophobic. I regulated my breathing when I got a little panicky (and I don't normally get panicky) and dealt with it that way. Just trying to help.Yellow courgettes are the best I can quite happily eat them raw (not the green ones as well) but definitely the yellow ones. The pigs are growing well. I like what you have done with the herbs. I have been jar shopping again today. I have some more liqueur type drinks to make and wanted some larger jars for storing the liquor in. Four in total I also got eight small kilner bottling jars for £1.25 each so a good result although a tad heavy! Its been really wet here the past few days we need the rain but there is a saturation point! I went on a beekeeping course about 15 years ago – was intent on getting bees however the next door neighbour panics at the sight of insects (never mind that they are beneficial) and as we rent, and as he has a habit of complaining at any little thing we erred on the side of caution and did not get the bees. My grandfather, my uncle and my Dad all kept bees. However as the neighbour has a heart condition I don't think he would be happy when the bees came home en-masse I still have not got them. One day though. We need the bees. You are really going great guns with the garden looks lovely and you are getting lots of lovely crops. Enjoy the break and I hppe Steve is more comfy too.Take care.pattypan x


  4. You could reduce the pig area with some electric fencing they would then turn over the small area once clear move the fencing down and they would work on the new area and so on if they just have access to a big area they root all over instead of clearing


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