Rip Big Bertha

We have had chickens pass away for one reason or another and I usually don’t mention it each time as it is part of running the small holding. However today we lost Big Bertha seen on the left here.

We have had her for 7 years. We got her when Grace was 3 and I was expecting Jack. She will have been at least 8, most likely older. I thought she was around 10 but whatever the correct age is, she’s had an amazing innings and I am really pleased that she made it to the small holding with us and spent her last days here. She died peacefully in the orchard today, basking in the sun and enjoying her girls around her.

We only have Jess left out of the original clan that we named. We’ve not named the latest lot, but these were the ones that opened up the love of keeping chickens to us.

14 thoughts on “Rip Big Bertha

  1. She made a very good age, especially for a big hen. Our Rangers used to last 7 years or so and laid well until a while before they snuffed it. Ditto the Black Rocks. A good way to go though – just shutting your eyes whilst sunbathing and drifting away.


  2. A brilliant age for a chicken, and it sounds like she had the perfect chickeny end, in the orchard in the sunshine.We named all of our original girls too, but it sort of fizzles out when you carry on for a long time. Once we were up to 55 chickens and about 15 of them had names, the rest started being called things like The Gang and The Mob. Now we have some with names but we also have a gang of eight called simply The Welsh Girls, as they were all bought when we moved here to Wales.Sorry you lost your lovely girl, but I'm pleased she had a long and happy life with you.


  3. Thanks Kristina, same here, we've lost 3 or 4 this year which we just get on with as part of the day (without sounding harsh) but the oldies were a different kettle of fish, well chicken ๐Ÿ™‚


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