What to do with this

This is the back of an outbuilding that we have.  Inside this we store the lawnmower and process the poultry but we’ve another idea for what we want to put in there.  I’ll post about that another time.
Today I am interested in the back of it.  What a waste of space.  It’s not as simple as it looks to find a solution though.  The sheep live here, so they will eat anything we plant.
Not only would the sheep eat anything, looking at the ground here, I’m not convinced we’re get a spade in it!

 Something, not sure what, is left over here.  There’s a semi circle that you can’t quite make out, but maybe something was planted in it years ago.  I’ll see if the neighbours know.

 Speaking of neighbours, I can’t put anything high in here as to the right we have the only part of our area that is overlooked by my lovely neighbours and I wouldn’t want to block their view.

So I am just not sure what to do here, it seems wasted and unloved.
If you stand with your back to the barn, you face our field, but before you get to the main field there is a mass of trees.  They are very pretty but in the way.  They will have been planted as a wind break or noise break but as we’re planting up the river bank with trees (which is directly behind these again), they aren’t required here.
The conker tree in the far left is very pretty
Access to the field is past the sheep, round the corner of the trees.
 We’re giving serious thought as what to do with these.  Some have come down an provided us with wood, others are being eaten by the sheep so will also come down.
Do we house animals in here, chickens, sheep, pigs, goats etc?  Do we pull them all down and turn it to grass to give us much needed extra grazing land?  The ideas go on.  It’s worth nothing there us a slope from the edge of the grass down to the field in which the trees are growing.  I’ll have a think over the weekend,  Have a good one everyone 🙂

10 thoughts on “What to do with this

  1. Does the back wall get sun? Could you have a lean-to greenhouse. The warmth of the stone may give it thermal properties. I saw one on a farm we stayed in Cornwall, the gent grew unusual types of chilli's and tomatoes to sell. What a beautiful outlook you have. Tx


  2. How about using the unused area for a composting area, you could have some large ones set up and one for mulching down leaves, the trees I would take most of them down leaving some to give shade areas for livestock


  3. Thank you – I do love the outlook and that's an idea I'd not thought of – something unusual that maybe doesn't take much looking after…graprevines maybe.Thank you Cottontail 🙂 I do love it xx


  4. I think I'd put a greenhouse there, but if it was left to my other half he would fence it off by about five foot to keep out the sheep and plant a few Fig bushes to grow against the wall. He's Fig mad at the moment 😉


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