Polytunnel update

I’ve had a lady contact me via the contact form asking for details about my polytunnel.  Firstly I must apologise to her as I didn’t even know there was an email waiting.
We wanted a polytunnel to help with this year’s growing.  I decided to go for a budget tunnel and make it last as long as possible.  We measured the space we had available and bought a 6m by 3m. 
Here’s my original post on it.  Ste did a great job of fixing it down so that the framework is going nowhere when the winds blow.  
As I said at the time, even if the cover rips, the frame will be used as a fruit cage and will be meshed, so it will continue in one form or another.
I bought it from here.  I see it’s out of stock and gone up in price, most likely due to the time of year!
I paid £99.99 delivered, which was fast and efficient.  So far, it’s been great.  The cover seems fairly robust compared to what I was expecting.  The zips aren’t great but if you treat them with care, they may hold out. No complaints there either so far.
So if you’re after a budget polytunnel, the green type with windows and doors at both ends, come highly recommended from me. 
One day I hope to upgrade to a bigger, polythene type, but for now, this suits me very well.
I’ve planted peas (our first ones are shown here in the pics) and broadbeans directly into the beds inside, along with early potatoes, beetroot and radish all directly sown. I’ve planted strawberries, swiss chard, kale, lettuce, courgette, pea and bean plugs too.  Marigold line the edges and are doing a sterling job of offering themselves to any nasty insects in a valiant attempt to save our veg.

I’ve got some French beans too and that pretty much takes up all of the space until we start harvesting and then I will replace the harvested items with more. This weekend we harvested our first peas!! It is the twinkle variety and is delicious!

5 thoughts on “Polytunnel update

  1. I had three of those budget tunnels one has never been assembled, when the covers went on the two they go used as runs for chicks that had come off heat before they joined the main flock and ducklings, we just netted them, this year they are used straddled over the raised beds for peas and beans to climb up very usefull frames to have 🙂


  2. Just checking back on your polytunnel when you first got it and happy to see Jon and Set had the same mind set when securing them down for us. Love those boys! Looking to see how you got on with some plants and what went well. Very useful, as always!xx


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