2017 Easter holidays in LOTS of photos

I have been lucky enough to have a week off work over Good Friday and Easter Monday.  I spent this at home with the kids and Ste managed to get a couple of days off too.  We got though a tonne of “work”.  Work being things we enjoy doing to get our smallholding up and running, something we love!  It’s not the usual feelings people associate with hearing they have had work to do. 
I thought the easiest ways to capture everything was to go photo heavy today and do the next few posts on specifics for those who have detailed interests. 
Happy photos!
Grace getting her vitamin D smallholder style!
We had time to spend with the pigs, who ALWAYS want more food.
I stood to gaze at the neighbour’scows who had gone down to the river for a drink in the April heat
I literally stood admiring my lettuce – now that’s something I never thought I would say when I was younger!
We had time to watch the poultry.  It’s mating/breeding season and their antics are hilarious!
Of course there is always time for another brew
It wasn’t just us humans keeping a close eye on things
Some of us had more time to rest than others
Rhubarb cordial was the order of the day with the seasons amazing offerings – 7kg we have harvested already over the last month
Baa-bara was just checking her hair looked ok
We did some back breaking weeding but are pleased with the results and used membrane to help keep the weeds down in the future
Looking tidy I think?
The new blueberry spot…. which was filled with special compost where the blueberries are planted
The dog’s had a bath (she didn’t realise they didn’t want bathing!  Poor Rodney)
The ducklings went in to their new home and loved it.  They’ve been accepted by the flock so that’s excellent.
Grace got back on Jake after losing some of her confidence and was happy
Dotty the chicken kept an eye on the ducklings…from the duck house of all places!
We hatched and lost a gosling.  Very sad times but no doubt for a reason.
We planted out, only to discover their is a frost planned for most of this week!
We did battle with the chickens on who’s potatoes they are…we are winning so far
We studied the veg plot plan….
and checked on our livestock daily as normal
some of us even sat down and enjoyed a beer whilst we checked…..see where Grace gets it from? 😉
We planted 2 hazelnut and 1 Victoria plum tree
The kids played in the river’s side line and got on!
We discovered eggs in places there should be no eggs
This is an embankment – we planted blackberry bushes along the fence line on our boundaries
We got drunk and laughed at silly things
The best part of the holidays…we did all of this together as a family. We had family and friends over and we laughed, cried and made memories and plans. 
My kind of perfect 🙂

14 thoughts on “2017 Easter holidays in LOTS of photos

  1. Tracy, that is a fab post. Where to start. So envious of your lettuce, back at cha with my wild garlic. Ha ha! So pleased Grace is back on Jake. Know what you mean about the frost. Harumph! Love the surprise eggs but mostly that you had fab family time and enjoyed your \”work\” just like we do at our place.x


  2. Looks like you had a great week together as a family. We are still dealing with snow/rain here and only a high of 6C for the next few days. Still have to wait several more weeks before we can do anything in the garden.


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