New trailer and dehydrating

Thank you to everyone who left Grace a comment, I’ve been reading them out to her and she will reply tomorrow as she’s one busy little girl!

Steven’s Dad has had a trailer kicking about where he works for years.  It’s been at the back of a mechanic’s garage, being used as a skip for longer than he can remember.  It was used when Ste was a kid, so that’s a long time since…. 😉

Before, covered in oil and years of neglect

When we said we need a tow bar and trailer, Ste’s Dad offered to fit a tow bar and give us the trailer.  So we (Ste) have been meticulously transforming the tired old heap into a new, shiny, useful trailer.  I am ridiculously pleased with it.  We can use it for a multitude of reasons for the smallholding.  So now it’s been restored, hopefully it’ll be around for another 30 off years!

After….total cost of wood, paint, bolts was £60 but a worthwhile investment and we have wood left over (to make a nest box with)
We’ve also bought a mid range dehydrator.  I love it.  We’ve been busy trying different things and today’s session was apples, pears, bananas and mushrooms.  The plan is to have some fruit to use on breakfast cereals and have vegetables for the winter or when we’re low on things, to throw into the slow cooker.  If we don’t have it in fresh, I’d like to have it in stores.  Also, you never know what life might throw at you making it hard for you to get out, or sometimes you just can’t be bothered after a day of working on the smallholding.

Ste bought a banana slicer which I was laughing at as a silly gadget but do you know, it saved time and kept everything the same width so I take it back, it is worth the couple of quid it cost!

I love how it looks.  What a great way to spend Easter Sunday morning.

I made Easter lunch for my family and Ste’s Mam and partner.  We had roast chicken and it was lovely.  I followed it with rhubarb crumble using 1kg of rhubarb.  I really do think it is my favourite food of the season. 

I didn’t get an after photo, it didn’t last long enough!
I hope everyone is enjoying the Easter holidays?  We’re hoping to get back into the veg plot and growing areas tomorrow as there is work to be done.  It’s due to rain on the afternoon, so maybe on the morning then in the greenhouse when it rains! 

6 thoughts on “New trailer and dehydrating

  1. I have been tempted by dehydrators but not sure how you store the fruit or veg after it's been dried, does it have to be vacuum packed? Our freezer is not big enough for all the veg from my half allotment.


  2. Hi there – thanks for commenting. We're storing this lot in kilner type jars. You can put a few grains of rice in to absorb any moisture if there happens to be any. Anything air tight is ok I think. I'm still new to it, so will find out what works best for us. It's a lovely problem to have though, isn't it, excess veg 🙂


  3. Looking good with the trailer; that will be super useful. I think ours is about the same size and it was a blessing yesterday when Jon was moving stuff to the field. We are just in the process of selling the huge one we bought for moving to Bronllan as we really don't use that now. The dehydrating looks AMAZING! Love the hint about putting rice in the bottom to soak up moisture. Yummy rhubarb!


  4. Contingent upon where you are living and the measure of stickiness noticeable all around, most things will be totally dried out before the day's over. Things that are not dry can be left in overnight as long as you move up the windows to avoid dampness.3926TB review


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