Thank you and harvests have started!

Thank you to everyone who commented on Buddy.   I really did take comfort from your words. 
Here’s the puppies happily sharing a bed in front of the Aga which is there new sleeping place.
So far this year, we’ve had 2 pickings of rhubarb.  One lot was froze for the freezer and dehydrated.  Another lot was used to make rhubarb Bellini (cocktail) per The River Cottage Yearbook which is my bible at the moment.
Here you go Cottontail Farm – as requested 🙂

We harvested our first salad leaves.  Ste said it looks a sparse harvest, but salad leaves I shall just take enough for that meal, as they are at their best when just picked.  These are oriental ones and were lovely, as far as salad leaves go!

 We had them with some radish which I seem to have arranged in size order for the photo!

Remember the big green thing in the rhubarb?  Well thanks to Amy and DC who commented and told me it was a rhubarb flower, this mammoth thing has now been removed.  There was also one on another rhubarb too. 

 Guess what?  The PSB is coming through too.  Literally appeared over a couple of days.  This was sown in August 2016 and takes up to a year to mature according to Monty Don but these are a quicker cropping if I recall, so hopefully we’ll be having some soon with a melted blue vinny sauce….yum.

The asparagus is also starting to show so in a few days we will harvest this too!  Things are really starting to take off. 
The elderberry flowers are showing, next month we will be making Jack’s favourite cordial with the flowers.

 I’m also going to make some rhubarb cordial and vodka with my next pickings.  The vodka is the start of the Christmas hampers, which I’ll do more on nearer the time 😉

14 thoughts on “Thank you and harvests have started!

  1. Its a great time when the work starts to pay back with harvests, I have rhubarb to pick, and the first of the asparagus will be picked this week end, also the PSB needs harvesting 🙂


  2. (Aaaah just lost my comment!) Great post. Love to you and yours, still.x LOVE LOVE LOVE the puppy photo. How exciting to have your first harvests; hope to share mine soon. PSB looks great and yum asparagus. Didn't realise elderberries came so early in the year. I am really enjoying watching Gardener's World on catch up – I like Monty.


  3. So many fun things here. First- adorable pups! And thank you for the rhubarb update. I had the same mystery growth on mine and now I know what it is.As to the rhubarb cocktail you've inspired me and I will be using Jaime Oliver's recipe for Rhubarb Bellinis to take to my in-laws for Easter. Cheers! Congratulations on all of your veg harvest!


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