Sheep and sheds

So this blog has been nominated as one of thirteen super smallholding blogs and I wasn’t even aware until recently!  Voting is closed, but here’s the link to see what it’s about.  Thank you to those who did know about it and voted for me.  It was very nice to be nominated.  The offered me a free mug during the process, which turned up and had a slogan for a ‘shed load of tea’.

 Which was fairly apt, as when I took my morning brew outside, I caught the sheep in the goose shed ‘cat’ flap, quite happily trying to steal Mother Goose’s food.  Mother Goose gave her a right telling off, but being a sheep, she was not in the slightest bit bothered.

 Little Miss sheep went off and had her breakfast after taking all she could of mammy goose’s.

 Then after a hard day of chatting with her friends, they settled down for the night.

Our animal’s antics do make me smile….!

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