A day off work for Ste means a new cold frame for us all!

Not just 1, but 2!
You may have guessed from the last post or 2, Ste had a couple of holidays to use so took 2 days off.  After putting the new gate up at the weekend, he kept up the pace by working on the new veg garden that we’re putting in.  I say we as he builds it, I’ll grow in it.
We have the 3 raised beds that he made and filled with muck already this year. 

With more of the same wood, which we bought specifically for this job to keep things looking nice, he’s made another bed which will become The Pumpkin Patch for 2017 (I always wanted one from reading about them in books as a kid!)

Taken from the other angle.
 However not only did he make another veg bed, he also made a start on some cold frames.
Not just one, but two!

He actually finished them but I don’t have a photo of the cold frames woodwork finished as it was dark when I went to see them after work.
We need to source some glass/plastic for the top of them but have been told to be careful as certain corrugated plastic removes much needed rays from the sun that the plants need to grow? 
Either way – we’re really getting ready for the 2017 and beyond self sufficient veg challenge!

8 thoughts on “A day off work for Ste means a new cold frame for us all!

  1. Brilliant! I love the view of the longside of the fabulously big greenhouse, never seen that before. Those of us with handy hubbies are sooooo lucky. Bring on the Challenge!It all looks a-maze-ing!


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