An improvement – new gate

Ste’s been busy as usual.
Our outside space was pretty open plan when we moved in.  That’s because the previous owners had never owned an animal on it in their 27 years of living on it.  It was a larger farm when they owned it too, it was split and sold off (subsequently making them millionaires, so I am guessing they knew that on day 1).  Anyway, I digress.
So when we moved in, to keep animals where they are supposed to be, we started putting fences up and where we needed gates, we used temporary measures. 

We acquired a gate from my Dad who had no use for it and we agreed it would be ideally placed at the side of our barn separating certain animals who don’t get on. 
Ste set about digging a hole for the post we’d attach it to, as we don’t want to be drilling holes in the barn.
Below is the view down to the goose shed (behind the greenhouse) and on to the back of the barn, where the pallet is.
Ste got the gate up in no time and it looks great.  He put a small trellace against the greenhouse to hide the gap.  I wonder if I could grow sweet peas up this in a container, that would look pretty wouldn’t it?  Although I bet the hens would eat it!

Finished product.

7 thoughts on “An improvement – new gate

  1. That gate looks really good. You did a good job. What kind of animals do you plan on having on the farm? Chickens are always good because they fertilize the foil and eat little bugs like fleas. Dogs are also good on a farm to keep a watch on everything. Good luck on your land and I hope it all works out for you.


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