Eggs is eggs – January round up

We had a good egg month considering it’s January.  Our girls have supplied us with slightly over 400 eggs through January which is amazing considering it’s one of the quieter months normally.  I don’t have the exact number as I started recording on 7th January. 
Of course, they’re all stuck inside so not free ranging due to the avian flu restrictions so this may be affecting the numbers in the sense of them producing more than normal.  They have nothing else to do except lay eggs and eat the greens we put in to supplement their food.  Bitter sweet!
We sold pretty much all of these eggs this month.  The money from these sales goes straight to their feed along with the money from the horse muck.  We stocked up on corn from the farmer and bought 4 bags of layers pellets on 22nd January.  We started using them both the same day as we were out of corn and only had half a barrel of layers left.
The geese are laying more now, so we’re taking her eggs away and using them.  I’ll see if there’s an interest in people buying them, though folk sometimes have strange ideas and think a goose egg isn’t a real egg you can eat 😎.

13 thoughts on “Eggs is eggs – January round up

  1. That is an amazing amount. Love the different sizes and colours! We have had very few compared to the 'busier' times but still enough to enjoy them at breakfast and do some baking. I'm sure yield will be up soon for us and everyone else. I hope to sell some, too. We bought a bag of pellets at the beginning of Jan and I'm now keeping a record of what we buy and use. I plan to sort out the money for the first bag bought when we make our first sale! We are lucky that we don't have to pay for sawdust, which I use for the bedding, as Jon gets that free from the sawmill, but I will need straw soon and maybe his farmer boss will be kind enough to swap a couple of bales for Jon's labour? Every little helps.


  2. I love being able to barter and swap. So much nicer than money exchanging hands and makes me think that's how it should be.Yes their yield will increase after valentine's day I bet. That's when I was told they start laUig again. Best of luck making the first sale, bet you can't wait xx


  3. thats a great amount, our hens are laying well, we only sell a few dozen a week but its enough to cover the cost of feed as we only have 11 layers.


  4. I love fresh eggs, they make the best breakfast! I can't wait for our geese to begin to lay, it's been 14th for the last 3 years so here's hoping!


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