Where there’s muck there’s money…

This is our rotted muck all bagged up.  Generally people come to us to collect it for their veg plots and allotments.  We’ve had trailers, pick ups cars and some questionable vehicles coming through ours gates for it.  However, I thought I’d try my luck at selling it for £1 a bag.  We have access to a van, so I offered delivery included for the £1 a bag to the local allotments.  I’m pleased to say we sold 15 bags at the weekend meaning we are off the starting blocks for “where there’s muck there’s money”…..literally.
Of course, the fact that the muck helps to grow many of our crops is money in itself, just a different type. 

13 thoughts on “Where there’s muck there’s money…

  1. Sounds like a good idea to me! After all you have to do something with it and there are only so many of your own veg beds you can fill with the stuff! I think that is a very good price, especially with delivery thrown in, you will have a waiting list soon! Hopefully anyway as that would be good for business.


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