Just Buddy

My name’s Buddy and I’ve just got back from the vets with my Mum.  I have to go every 6 months to have a check up.  This time it was a new practice at a vets near our new house.  I hate going to the vet.  Mum knows this and puts a muzzle on me to stop me nipping anyone if I get too annoyed or anxious.  She makes sure she spends as little time as possible in there with me as she knows I worry.
Tonight was a new vet, he was really kind.  He called me handsome and gave me a cuddle.  I didn’t growl at him, so I think Mum was pleased.
He told her I was borrowing time off someone.  I haven’t borrowed anything so I don’t know what he’s talking about.  They started talking so I got bored and just waited by the door. 
He did say that I was looking a bit stiff.  I’m pleased he said this as he’s told Mum to increase my tablets.  I hate taking them, but they do make me feel better.  She started tonight as soon as we walked through the door.  She doesn’t have much patience when something like that has to be done, she likes to get started straight away.
The 2 puppies are pestering me at the minute as I have a little cut on my back which they are trying to lick better.  So Mum’s made them stay away whilst it heals, to stop any infection getting in.  I hope it clears up soon, the vet wasn’t worried though, so I am not.  I have my family around me who love me loads, so that’s enough to make anything feel better,
I’m going to try and find out who’s time I am borrowing as the vet didn’t tell me.  Mum seemed to know though.
Thanks for reading.
Love, Buddy xx

7 thoughts on “Just Buddy

  1. Aww Buddy! Glad that the vets visit went well, it sounds as though you are a very well behaved dog who knows the right things to do at the vets. It is good that your Mum takes such good care of you. Hope the extra pills work for you. Don't worry about the time thing, I think that we are all on that and I don't think any of us know who we are borrowing it from. Just enjoy and make the most of each day together and remember to give your Mum and Dad and the rest of the family lots of hugs and make sure they do the same for you! Pet time is very precious.


  2. Aww Buddy…lots of doggies get nervous going to the vets. It's a bit like a human going to the dentist. Time is a funny thing…I don't think anybody owns any of it so we all borrow it from Old Father Time. Keep taking the pills if they help with the stiffness and enjoy your time. x


  3. You are a distinguished looking chap aren you – touches of grey wisdon around your face – keep up with the tablets, and don't waste your time trying to find the owner of it – enjoy your own days with your family!


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