Trying new things

Part of the journey we’re on is learning to cook more things from scratch.  Now I already make things from scratch but when I sat and thought about it properly (usually when I am in the shower!) I realised there is a lot more to do.  I already knew this, I just hadn’t actively thought about it.
Not only is it making things from scratch but finding new, hopefully cheaper ways of doing things.
So last night saw me trial out homemade garlic bread.  It turned out very nice, even it meant we were later than normal eating supper.

Grace thought it best to get a photo for the blog
I also put a couple of potatoes in the slow cooker, wrapped in foil, ready for Ste’s packed lunch today.  he said they tasted fine but looked awful as their skin had taken on a discoloured, dark tinge.  As long as they taste ok in my book, that’s fine 🙂

On writing this, I realise I’ve not tagged anything as slow cooker before.  Now that’s something I need to rectify as the slow cooker (or indeed simmering over) should be my friend given that I work full time and run this place…

16 thoughts on “Trying new things

  1. Mmmm, garlic bread looks yummy. I MUST make the effort to make some different types of bread. When I go shopping tomorrow I'm going to properly cost out how much it actually costs for me to make a loaf of bread, rolls etc.


  2. Hi Tracy well done. I prefer home made bread and preferably brown but OH is highly attached to his Warbrtons and despite several attempts to lever him Away we have not managed it yet. Not that he does not like my bread but old habits die hard. My family always made their own bread before the days of the dough hook or bread machine his did not so I think it depends what you are brought up to. If the Aga is on all the time pop the potatoes in the Aga. I have not done in the slow cooker but use the microwave 12 to 15 mins they are usually done but the skins are not the same as doing them in the Aga or the cooker where they come up crispy. They dont with the microwave and am assuming not with the slow cooker. Rosemary and garlic foccacia is easily made and is one that you could get the kiddies doing as well especially when it comes to dimpling the top with their fingertips. It does not take much mixing. Also what about your own Croissants and Danish style pastries. It is just bread dough with extra amounts of butter in and being rolled and pressed in a specific order. For white bread I tend to use the Waitrose own brand Canadian bread flour. I tend to get a higher rise in the bread machine from this flour. I also have some spelt flour to experiment with. Enjoy the playing that is half of the fun. Keep up the good work and take care. Pattypan xx


  3. I havent had garlic bread for eons, I now want some, I have just been looking into making some part baked baguettes to keep in the freezer.


  4. Hmmm garlic bread. Opps, will have to wait only one garlic bulb left from last harvest and the over wintering ones are only a few inches of green high. But as soon as they are ready this is definitely on the menu!


  5. It's funny as I do like shop bread, especially warburtons, but I know it'll be the salt/sugar etc that I like and all the preservatives, so I am hoping my taste buds change. I do my own bread most of the time, albeit in the bread maker.I was hoping to leave the potatoes on all night so they were warm for him going to work – that's why I chose the slow cooker.Thanks for the recipe tips 🙂 We're definitely enjoying the playing 🙂


  6. Garlic bread looks wonderful! The spuds might have gone dark due to the foil: I put mine in a lidded enamel pot, with a spoonful of water each to keep them moist, then in the woodstove oven like you did. Ooh, a spoonful of garlic butter + jacket spud – putting mine in now!


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