Such a geek

For Christmas I received a wireless weather centre from Ste.  I love it. 

There is an outside section which is attached to a high point in between my vegetable plot and the greenhouse, which is the section of land I want to know most about. 

This transmits data at intervals (mine is set to 30 mins) to a touchscreen device that I have in the kitchen. 
I can then attach the computer to the touchscreen device and either view it on the computer or download it to a spread sheet and check a whole range of different things, some of which I know about and others I have no idea what it is.

This morning before work, I downloaded the data which is from Boxing Day until today and (here’s the geeky bit) I found some interesting results. 

My computer screen

Over the days, the wind mostly blows from the North/North East, with only once from the West when it was warmer.

The coldest it’s been outside is -2.6C and the warmest is 16.8C on Boxing Day!  It was super mild though, I remember having to disrobe when doing the jobs.
It tells me what the dew point is, which I remember reading about once in how it related to veg and growing – I’ve since forgotten so will research it again.
I can set an alert on it to warn me if the temperature drops below a certain amount, meaning I will have to cloche/fleece the seedlings when I get them in the ground.
Inside the kitchen the temperature has ranged from 19.3 to 26.1 which is when I’ve been having a good cooking session.  The Aga is always on so that room is always warm.  Heart of the house :).
I can find out all about relative and Absolute pressure – no idea about this one?!
Wind gusts last night were recorded but only at 30mph which I was shocked about as it woke me up 3 times and was SO loud.
Also we’ve had 16ml of rain since I switched it on back in December.
I do love things like this and will happily sit looking at the data for a good hour or so, probably terribly sad, but that’s me :D.
I also got a tiller for Christmas – aren’t I a very lucky girl!?

15 thoughts on “Such a geek

  1. My weather station broke. I did keep saying I would like one for Christmas but santa didnt come through on that. I may hint again for one for my birthday. I am also terribly sad then as well, as I find someone elses data interesting…


  2. Its the same one I have, I download every month, the spread sheet and graph mine has been running a year now, I print the sheets off and keep them in a ring binder makes interesting reading when comparing to this time last year, I dont understand the relative pressure thingy 🙂


  3. Yes I am looking forward to the different events. Although it isn't as exposed as some areas as I want to know the readings where my veg will be, so this may play it all down a touch regarding wind etc. Still fun though.


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