Recipe books and geese

First on the list is using my abundance of recipe books. I love them. However I am terrible for finding something online, normally BBC good food and just having the recipe on my phone. What a waste of books and the money that went into buying them. So I am going to combine both methods. Tonight I had chicken out of the freezer and an abundance of leeks in the veg plot to get through which I feel hugely pleased about. So Mary Berry’s chicken with leek, potatoes and thyme seemed perfect. I had left over green veg from the other night. I was sceptical tasting it during cooking but it turned out lovely. A very nice recipe that can be cooked ahead. Please msg me if you would like the recipe.

 Remember Ryan the goose? Well turns out he should be called Rhianna or whatever the female equivalent of Ryan would be. Our male goose confirmed it yesterday.

One of our other female geese has been acting strange again which means she is either poorly or laying eggs again. Turns out she had stashed 3 eggs in the shed.
This mild winter is playing havoc with things. The geese think it’s Spring and there buds on the trees which normally wouldn’t be up yet. We’re due to go below freezing again tonight having said that.  Stay warm 🙂

9 thoughts on “Recipe books and geese

  1. great that your leeks are doing well, our leeks are good this year, chicken will be on the menu at some point in the next day or so, great news on the goose eggs.


  2. That dinner looks soooo yummy! So pleased your leeks are doing well – can't wait to pull mine at the end of the month; hoping the cold snap might just spur them on a bit more as they are a bit small but hopefully still tasty. Are you still on for sausage casserole tonight; just think when you can make your own sausages from the piggies! That is a FAB looking goose! and look at those eggs. We hope our yield will increase soon with the changing light. We got two yesterday which is a 100% improvement in the previous few days!I have some daff bulbs that I put in a planter and they are sprouting very well – not sure if it is to do with the mild weather. Ramble ended!x


  3. I hope I am not spoiling myself with a good harvest as this has now set the expectation for all future ones 🙂 I need to find some goose egg recipes as off baking at the moment post Christmas.


  4. Small is good for the leeks sometimes isn't it? Mary B called for 4 slim leeks in her recipe, needless to say she got the 1st 4 I dug up lol. Oh yes, definitely on for casserole, it'll be cooking whilst I do the after work animal jobs – a nice warm filling meal to come in to. It's a lovely feeling when they do start laying again isn't it? Brilliant on 100% improvement 😀 I haven't planted any plants, only veg, I will def do tulips and daffs at the end of this year. xx


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