The big Christmas reveal (big if you are aged 9 and 6!) and a couple of pests

What was behind the door at 7pm last night? 
A quick excited hug before tentatively opening the door.  Expectant faces all round.

Someone had lit the Christmas (bay) tree lights…who was that?  It wasn’t you and it wasn’t me?
Oh, it’s so exciting.  What’s this?  A parcel in brown paper and tied with string.  It says Special Delivery.

Back in the warmth to look inside.
The excitement couldn’t be contained.
It was Neville the Elf!  He’s brought Nancy along with him, his Elf mate.
They even brought a gift to remember the first Christmas on the smallholding.  It’s a hessian bag with names on it.  One for Grace and one for Jack.
Time to sit back and relax, taking in the magic of Christmas.

Day 2 star:

 In smallholding news…..
 We have pests.  Rats and moles. 
The rats need to go.  Easier said than done, especially living next to water. 
The mole hills are going to be added to the vegetable beds.  As long as they stay at the orchard, we’re ok.  If they move to the field, that will cause problems.  Hooves and holes mean a vets bill when they get stuck in the mid gallop. 

7 thoughts on “The big Christmas reveal (big if you are aged 9 and 6!) and a couple of pests

  1. hey chic, love the excitement in your house already. We have never done the Elf thing but the boys had lovely big hessian sacks a couple of years ago. I'm afraid to say that Santa is no longer an enigma in our house but it does make things easier pressie wise and we are still, of course, loving the build up, the decorations and the anticipation but also the idea of just having fab family time together is what we are waiting for.x


  2. How lovely – there is one thing that will happen in the future. Your children will never ever forget how many happy Christmas's they will have had and this one in particular. Well done. Pattypan


  3. Ah yes, rats and moles – neither ever popular unless on a toy shop shelf . . . I hope you can sort out the moles and they stay put. I was going to suggest mothballs, but just checked online and lots of people suggest they don't work.I love your Elf Service box! I bet the children will remember these magical Christmases all their lives and recreate them for THEIR children.


  4. I think Christmas is what we make of it regardless if you \”know\”, you can still believe can't you? Which it sounds like what's happening in your house, you have the magic regardless and I love that. Family time is just the best isn't it, they grow up so quick as you know xx


  5. The moles are back on a daily basis but thankfully still in the same place. I have had a man who does the pest control for the farmer ask if we need his help, so I will bear it in mind from him.Ah thank you for that, I really do hope they remember them.


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