Happy December!

When we put our previous house up for sale,  my mind wandered to the next Christmas, what would our next home look like, would we have any animals, neighbours, wildlife to share it with?  Even though we had not seen this house, I pictured a perfect Christmas.  Kids with smiles on their faces (and not arguing!), Steven finally able to relax after the busy December period, and me sat watching, taking it all in.  All of the thoughts I had, I am now putting it into action.  I love my family more than words can say and what better time of year to show it and make the most of it. 

So today, December 1st, the kids got up a lot quicker than normal.  They knew their grandparents had left advent calendar for them.  Jack was down first (he never is) and opened his.  We even broke the rules and had the small advent chocolate before breakfast!  How naughty is that?  He’ll remember that though and I’m all for happy memories.  Grace isn’t so much of a bull in a china shop where Jack is concerned, but she had hers too. 

My lovely Mum bought them a handmade advent calendar where each day has an envelope with a treat in it.  They love it and I think they look amazing in the kitchen on the beams.  As the envelopes get used, I’ll put them away for next year and we’ll use the string they are on to hang small, light cards on. 

I have cut out 24 stars, each star has something on it for the kids to do together each day.  The stars are stuck to the side of the fridge with blue tac in the shape of a Christmas tree.  We’ve never done this before and I think it will be a new tradition.  Today’s star was:

We have never done a reverse advent calendar before either.  I’m not sure what everyone else does if they do one, but we are putting one useful item of food/drink, into a box every day until around 23rd when we will take it to someone in need. I’m not too sure where this will be yet as we’re dropping some items off at a hostel and if they need it, it will be there.  Otherwise I may go to Durham Cathedral and hand it to a homeless person.  Any other ideas are welcome?

Whilst I am showing you – here’s the Aga at the moment and the final advent calendar which has followed us around for many years.

I wonder what will be outside the door at 7pm tonight? 
Whilst we wait to find out, this was outside last night.  How pretty?

7 thoughts on “Happy December!

  1. Oh what a lovely post Chic. I am so like you in that I was sooo looking forward to Christmas in Bronllan last year and it was, along with our trip to Lapland, one of our best Christmases. I'm ashamed to say we won't have the boys'advent calendars until Saturday. However I have our countdown garland up. This started about three years ago when I decorated 24 small envelopes and like you put an activity, treat etc in each one. Last year I just put jokes in them but this year I didn't put anything in and yesterday when it went up for today Harry asked what was in them and I said nothing right now and he seemed a bit put out. Soo I have put a joke in for today and I've made a list of things I need to put in so I will be busy tonight/tomorrow. I love the idea of your reverse advent calendar. We did a box of Joy in October to send abroad. I also went and helped out at a big Shelter homeless Christmas Eve and it was a fantastic experience. Christmas can be different in so many ways.Look forward to your email.x


  2. I wouldn't be ashamed about the advent calendars hun, there's so much more you are doing that they won't be holding it against you I am sure 😀 Saturday is only tomorrow. I love the idea of the jokes in the countdown too. How lovely of you to do those things for helping people. Very kind of you and makes me smile x


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