A weekend away

So it’s Monday!
Steven and I spent Saturday lunch time until Sunday lunch time away from the smallholding.  This is the first time in ages that we’ve been away without the kids and from home.  We went to a murder mystery event with a group of friends and stopped over at the hotel.  We had a lovely time (though the murder mystery theme was rubbish) and came home feeling very relaxed, so it was worth it.

A friend who has her horse with us looked after all of the horses and my parents kindly stayed at mine to look after the kids and the smallholding animals.  Everything was all fine when we got home and we even managed to get some Christmas tree lights up on the big outside tree on Sunday.

We settled down late on Sunday night to find we were being watched with a face at the window.  Ste said it made him jump out of his skin!  As you will notice, there is a tree in this photo too, also decorated for Christmas.

We love celebrating through December, especially as it is our first one in the farmhouse.  So from December 1st, there will be a flurry of posts showing you what’s happening that day for us.  Not everyone celebrates Christmas, especially not as early as this, but we do :).  I’m not getting in to politics or frugal arguments.  It is what it is and I hope it makes you smile. 

7 thoughts on “A weekend away

  1. Hi chic. Glad you had a good time even though the theme was not the best and I LOVE your outfits. I am just winding up to start the Christmas prep so can well appreciate your tree already being up. Oh, eek just received the ping for a comment on my post so will pop over and respond to that in a min! I'd love to have some lights outside but don't think I'll manage them this year. Never really an excuse for the C word!x


  2. Good for you on when you start your Christmas, I know a few people who have their tree up. Our's will go up this weekend, I have been out today and got some new lights, we are feeling festive here.


  3. There's only one way to celebrate Christmas and that is your way. You create your own traditions and do the things that you like doing. It does not matter if you spend an awful lot of money or a very little that's entirely up to you and no one else has the right to judge. Christmas has always been pretty special in our family – my parents always used to push the boat out at Christmas and give us a little extra – but we always knew that it took them most of the year to save up for. But then we were lucky so lucky as it was always tempered with lots of love. That's really what Christmas is about. Take care and I look forward to reading with interest your activities and plans.Pattypanxx


  4. I put up my holiday decorations on Saturday and finished the tree on Sunday (though I did notice last night I 'missed a spot' that I wanted to decorate so will finish that up this Saturday. But I always decorate early, usually the last weekend of November, so I can enjoy the season as long as possible. I leave ALL my decorations up until after the epithany. It is my family's tradition to do so. So you celebrate the way that makes YOU happy! That is what it means to create our own traditions for our families. Enjoy!!GADawn57


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