Lovely lady

Tricia, aka PattyPan who has the blog is a lovely lady who sent me a book on preserving following my post on losing all of my jams (here).  She didn’t want me to give up after the set back and very kindly offered to send me this book:

I don’t know how to rotate 🙂
It arrived yesterday and I immediately set to work looking through it planning my next move.
It was inscribed with a personal note which made me smile.  So thoughtful.
Thank you Tricia, blogland can be a truly wonderful place, meeting like minded people and generating new ideas. 

Also – I am in the middle of update my blogs that I read on my sidebar, so I will be sure to make sure everyone I enjoy reading is on there soon.  🙂

11 thoughts on “Lovely lady

  1. Hope you do really well this time. There is loads of help in blogland for step by step tasks. Santa is bringing me a proper jam pan and some more Kilner jars this year. Not sure what else, what are you asking for?


  2. It's great isn't it, a wealth of knowledge and mostly from things people have done rather than just reading the textbook method!Ohh I love my jam pan, had it for years before we moved as it was such a good bargain and I knew one day I'd have this place to use it in. I'm hoping for something to help with the growing next year. I'm really focussed on supplying the veg for the meals as much as possible for 2017, so maybe a greenhouse heater to get things started earlier and propagators. I really hope for long, warm socks and slippers though, ever practical :). To be honest I haven't thought much about me yet haha xx


  3. I live aiming jam but sometimes have a few that don't work. Normally the ones I've put the most time into. Worst I maDe was sloe and apple, took forever to remove all the stones and then tasted terrible!I'm going to add you to my sidebar whilst I'm thinking about it.


  4. Tricia is a LOVELY lady and I'm not surprised she sent you that thoughtful (and helpful I hope) gift. I think the main thing with jam is having enough pectin (natural or added) to help it set, and not getting upset (sorry, pun intended) if it doesn't – then it is a delicious pouring sauce for puddings . . .


  5. Very helpful indeed. My trouble was mould which I was so frustrated over but fingers crossed it won't happen again now I have this book, blogs and recommended sites. Thanks for dropping by


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