We’re going on an adventure

We moved into the smallholding on January 15th of this year and it seems there are still lots of places I haven’t yet seen properly and lots to discover that changes with the seasons.  Let me show you what I mean.
I discovered this tree/bush right outside my back door that I had no idea was there.  I believe it is a quince tree?

It’s only about knee high, this is me looking down on it.
Steven tried it, it was very sour.

To the left of the patch where the quince tree is a gate which a wall now stands behind.  This wall now separates us from the neighbours.  The gate used to lead out to the working part of the farm, the old barns and stables. 
Between the gate and the wall
I’m wondering if this area is too shaded to have as a herb garden?  I’d like to do something with the space but I am not sure what.
So many huge pots outside of the very small brick barn.
This was left by the previous owners, we’re going to use the trough for the sheep

That’s the barn infront of Steven, our neighbours house to the right.
The other side of the barn, the wall to the right is newly built and is the neighbours.  I’m not sure why they left this passageway.

Part of the woods

Getting ready for Christmas


 These photos make up most of my thinking for the weekend.  What could we do with the space, what did people do with it before us?  How to make the most of it all….my mind is overflowing with ideas which is fabulous.
We’re also looking at the area where the polytunnel and new raised beds will go, more on that tomorrow.  I’m off to cook the chicken for our Sunday Dinner – sets us up for the working week ahead.


18 thoughts on “We’re going on an adventure

  1. Quince is very sour but it smells florally when it is ripe. It may be a japonica quince which is still edible but quince is best cooked. Stewed in syrup, quince jelly, membrillo. You have ready made Christmas greenery for the house. Now that is a bonus. I have been thinking about getting some hanging baskets and packing them with Ivy plants and then hanging them up to give a winter display along with some cheap recycled jam jars the ones I cannot get lids for and decorated with fir cones, and twine on the outside and maybe a little greenery maybe bay leave with tea lights in. Look forward to your post on the poly tunnel. I would be inclined to plant up my own wild hedge with crab apples, elderflower, rosehip, cherry plum, damsons, bullace in then you will have your own wild larder in which to do things for the pantry with. That's one of the things I would do. Take care. Pattypanxx


  2. If the walls are sunny you could pop in a grape to grow along it on wires, or fan train some cherries plums or peaches, or even pop a fig tree in in, look forward to your poly tunnel plans


  3. I am so nosy I love when people take pictures like this. Because of the gate at the end of the passage way maybe that is the reason they didnt come up to your boundary? Could you add a plastic roof and use it as storage? you can never have enough outdoor storage.If there is no sun behind that wall what about putting a roof over that area and having logs there? more storage ideas! lol


  4. Hello just found your blog………slow, I know!We had a self sufficient smallholding for 23 years but had to give it up due to health of OHGood luck with your plans.PS I think it's an ornamental quince as proper quince are much taller bushes or trees an the fruit bigger too.


  5. I will have a google re the quince but it smells florally, yes. I could picture the crafts in my head that you were describing then, sounds great and something the kids and I could do. You always have great ideas, thanks Tricia xx


  6. That's a good point, thank you – they may have left it for access. I think they left the 2 gates as memories of the original farm, which I like. The tree is fab isn't it? Thank you


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