Onions and garlic and the weekend

Where’s the weekend gone? I know people say that every weekend but this one has left me feeling like I really need another day to get my stuff together.  We have got lots done so it’s not wasted of course.
We planted onions and garlic, I just make a note of their names. We tidied up some of the veg plot, still lots more to tidy and dig over.  I’m hoping to get my hands on a tiller to reduce the physical burden of turning all of the beds over.
I’ve sectioned off part of the field to put the horses in. We’re calling it the sacrifice paddock as we’re sacrificing it to the mud bath that it’ll become. The horses are living in their stables now and just having the odd hour out in the field but we’re riding them 4 times a week to keep them entertained.
I did ask the farmer next door if he’d rent or sell us a bit of his hundreds of acres but in what seems to be true farmer style, he said no. Of course the seed is planted  now and time will hopefully work in our favour but I’m not complaining if it doesn’t.  I wouldn’t swap what we have for   the world.
It’s been a strange weekend weather wise, we’ve had lots of rain which has kept the temperature up. It’s not as cold as I expected it to be. The wood burner has been on though.
We’ve had the eggs from the chickens that have just started laying. They were rather small ha but the kids enjoyed them.
Here’s the view from my stairs window. The trees are all changing colour. Lovely to see. Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. Back to work for us tomorrow. Looks like a very early start for us. Up at 4.45 but I’m just not tired yet (despite getting up early).

7 thoughts on “Onions and garlic and the weekend

  1. Well done on the garlic and onions. I have my garlic in, yay! Onions will go in when I have taken up the last of the turnips and swede or I may put them where the beetroot will leave a space, not sure yet but have to decide soon.


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