Using the Aga

More often than not you can fine Steven’s overalls drying on the Aga, keeping warm for him putting on the next morning to go to work. I can’t dry everything on here as we have too much but it is very handy. Nothing better than warm overalls to put on when it is a chilly morning going to work at 5.30am!

My son has just made me smile. He went outside to collect a bag for Steven as he’s stripping the wallpaper in the dining room and needed an empty feed bag to put the rubbish in. He didn’t put any boots on to go out and his socks were soaked when he got back in, he took his socks off and put them on the Aga to dry. Of course he should have just worn boots! However the fact that the Aga is an integral part of our every day lives after just 9 months here make me feel all warm and cosy inside.

4 thoughts on “Using the Aga

  1. Definitely a way of life. my aunty had a pull and rise airing frame above the aga used to get the washing dry even in the middle of winter and cosy jim jams to go to bed in, you enjoy – I envy you your Aga. I had better get on I am covered in dust. pattypanxx


  2. Oh just seen this post! Bless your little man. I love drying things on the front if cuffs or hems of jumpers are not quite done. My best day with the Rayburn is when I cook my breakfast, boil the kettle, bake and get some of tea done. Heaven, even if there are flakes of ashes all on the above shelf!x


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