Veg box scheme

I haven’t posted for a while about the veg box scheme that I signed up to a while ago. Probably as they are doing so well at it that I’ve just taken it for granted. Of course I shouldn’t.  So when this little freebie turned up just for being me, I was proud as punch. It’s really good quality and I have already used it on tonight’s carrots from the veg box. I’m making cottage pie for tea as I type. The weather is a bit cool and rainy so it feels like a comfort food night.
I can’t recommend Riverford highly enough for their produce and service. They are fabulous. I’ll be sad to leave them when we are self sufficient 😉.  In the mean time they are plugging the gap nicely.
I’ve managed to do something to my thumb joint. The ball of my hand so to speak. Not sure what but I can get hold and pull anything without a shooting pain. Paracetamol and ibuprofen isn’t taking it off and it’s been a few weeks now so I may need to pop to the docs.
The Vorwerk chickens have started laying,  bless their socks.

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