Central heating

Our sources of heat for the house come from the Aga which is oil fired, the stoves which are multi fuel (coal and wood) and our central heating. We haven’t had this on yet. Well I tell a lie, we put it on and then felt far too hot and sweaty when we came in from doing the daily jobs. We aren’t a family who sit down when we get home from a days work or school,  we get out and do ‘jobs’, have a warming hearty meal and then take a hot shower after locking up. We rarely sit down before 8pm and find that this keeps us warm for free, so to speak. The stoves have been on, mostly on weekends when we do make time to sit and relax together but we certainly aren’t needing them daily just yet and as for the heating, I think November will be well and truly here before that word is uttered again.
I must say however that I won’t be scrimping when it is needed. I am a strong believer that a family needs good food in their tummies and warmth round their bodies. Sometimes that’s putting a jumper on and sometimes that’s having the heating on all day. You can’t be happy and healthy if you’re cold and hungry. In my opinion anyway :-). I’ll keep you posted as to when we feel the nip and put it on. It’s good for me to have it as a record too I think. After all, we’ve only been here 10 months. We don’t have last year for comparison just yet.

8 thoughts on “Central heating

  1. Everything in balance. I feel the cold quite badly despite wrapping up well – its down to medical issues. We are usually busy until the round the 8 o'clock mark too then if it is nippy I pop the heating on for an hour and I have the cats and dog consider too. They are my babies and my eldest cat has lost her teeth and is very fine coated and so feels the cold so I try and keep an even temperature not too hot and not too cold. Would dearly love a proper fire again and was speaking at work to one of the ladies I work with. She was not impressed didn't fancy cleaning out the fireplace. If you get an opportunity to go to some woods where there are fir cones get the kids to pick them up and bring them home to burn on the fire. They release a beautiful resin smell. you can also dip them in wax and use them as fire starters. Dried orange peel does the same as the cuttings and twigs from fresh herbs in the garden – always keep them as they make good kindling for starting the fire. keep warm. pattypan x


  2. I feel the cold when I am sat at work as I don't get to move round much but not so much at home. Yes we have the same with our pets who congregate round the Aga, even the youngsters. Some people don't want to clean fires out do they, but you can't beat a real fire in my view. Thanks for the fir cone and other tips. Sounds like a task for a weekend walk with the puppies.


  3. I put the wood burner on the other day, there was a touch of frost on the car at 6am when I went out to put the bins ready for collection. got to get ready, even if it isnt that cold! LOL I cant bear to be cold. the older I get the less I can tollerate it. best move south now


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