Alive and kicking

Me that is 😀. Everything is ticking over at the moment which is great as I have been on a workshop all last week which threw me completely in my routine. So this week I am playing catch up. We’re out for a night over the weekend so that throws a spanner in the works too however we’ll work around it I am sure.
This weekend I desperately need to get into the veg plot. The pak choi and spinach thay I sowed direct hasn’t germinated I don’t think so I will try again, maybe in the greenhouse and grow it in there as the temperatures are dropping each day.
The sheep are doing great and Ryan the goose and his chickens have taken to them. The other geese keep their distance which probably suits all parties!
We have been busy outside when time allowed and we’ve fitted a new gate with a plan to get another one done this weekend. This will allow the sheep to be moved to another area where there is plenty to grass to sustain them for going in to winter.
The horses are all in on a night now and will be until spring. So that brings muck heap management back to the forefront of my mind as we have limited space. I’ll use a bit of the older rotted muck at the weekend for the veg beds but there is more than we need so I give it away on freecycle. People come and fill their trailers and we get people who come back for more so hopefully that will continue.  We have a plan b of where to out it bit we dont want to use more land for muck if we don’t have to.
We’re back into autumnal food, the slow cooker is making more appearances these days and once I have more ideas of what to cook in it, I’ll be doing it daily. I only want one pot meals that we can literally serve us directly with no extras needed so it limits us a bit more.

One thought on “Alive and kicking

  1. Hope you get your veg plot sorted out this weekend but don't kill yourself.x I should be cleaning out the chooks today but as we are going food shopping tonight I'll do them tomorrow.x


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