Hello sheep

Thank you to everyone who commented regarding the mouldy jam on the previous post. I have picked myself up and moved on! That’s not why I have been a few days behind with posting, it’s because I am in a course at work all week and my days and nignts are interupted because of it. Roll on next week.
Having said that, I have an announcement to make! Say hello to our 3 lambs! We don’t have names for them yet though we will be naming them as these girls will hopefully be sticking around to give us babies in 2018. Until then, we’ll be trying to give them a happy and healthy life. They’re 6 months old and not long since weaned off their mother. They arrived Sunday tea time, just in time for the crazy week to start! So we spent Sunday 5pm to 7 pm sorting fences…or so we thought. Until Steven got home the next day to find the paddock empty and not a lamb in sight. Turns out they thought the farmers plants were more tasty than our field. A manic dash and 3 captured sheep later, Ste was driving home with 3 sheep in rhe car. Yes, the car. So today we we rather pleased to discover the sheep there when we got up and when we came home. A successful day!

8 thoughts on “Hello sheep

  1. Ha ha, like everyone else I love the picture with the sheep in the car. My Cousin always says, a car isnt christened properly until you have had hay bales or livestock in the back!


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