Wild plum jam

I’m still on holiday which is why I am MIA and we’re having a lovely time. I wanted to quickly share with you that the wild plums we found have made the most delicious jam. This is a large kilner jar which lasts our family of 4 a few weeks before its empty and I’ll fill it back up with more yummy preserves. This one’s going straight in the fridge and the other 2 that I made (I didn’t want to make a lot as I have a bad experience with plum jam before, many moons ago) are going into stores for winter.
It’s still very warm here though we’ve had a few days of torrential rain. Assuming we get some sun now, the rain was welcome as the fields were so dry.
Yesterday was Steven and my 11 year wedding anniversary. He took me out for a lovely meal at a pub called the george and dragon at Heighington which I would happily recommend. My parents looked after the kids and my uncle and aunty came over to see us all too. It was lovely to catch up and look what my parents bought for ‘us’ for our anniversary. The Aga baking and roasting trays I have been eying up. Spoilt rotten we were as they bought us some stag cushions too and a bottle of wine! It was like Christmas. We’re very lucky.
Normal blog service will be resumed later this week, I hope everyone who reads this is well. 😊

6 thoughts on “Wild plum jam

  1. Happy anniversary for yesterday glad you had a good time. Everything comes to those that wait. As you get into your new life style all sorts of things that are practical will make a world of difference and your life much easier. Plum jam looks good. Am not blogging much at the minute as I am up to my eyes in preserving. We have tomatoes on the go at the moment being bottled in my new to me vintage dual purpose Kilner jars. They are wider necked/mouthed than the newer jars. you can use the jars with liefheit gaskets which fit the original kilner jar rings but you can also get the liefheit rings. Told you things happen. So far nine jars of whole tomatoes. have just started on the cherry tomatoes and then there is the Italian plum tomatoes. Went to the market and got them all at a good price. Plus I have Victoria plums to bottle in syrup and some Greengages. Fraid its full steam ahead at the moment. Glad you have had a nice break. Oh for an Aga – pleased for you on my wish list.TTFN Pattypan


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