Fidget pie and helping those in need.

I’ve been looking for some recipes on the bbcgoodfood website as I find it really easy to navigate and the review are super helpful normally.  Last night I came across one called Fidget Pie. The title alone had me wanting to make it as I love anything with a name!  Ridiculous right?  So that’s down on the To Do lost for an occasion when a huge pie is called for!  That could be a Sunday gathering or Christmas get together, who knows.  I will buy the ingredients in and freeze them so that I have them ready to use.
Today I overheard a lady asking at our staff café if her charity would be able to take the left overs once a week on a Wednesday.  She runs a group that make a 2 course meal for up to 100 people (started at 20!) once a week so they can have a decent meal.  The staff were so dismissive of her that my blood boiled.  I reacted without thinking and offered to help her by giving them eggs and chutneys on a weekly basis.  I’ll make a loaf of bread for them too occasionally and alternate with other items we have a lot of.  We always have eggs and she said it will make such a difference for them.  So although it was a knee jerk reaction, I’m pleased I did it.  Small acts of kindness made a world of difference, I hope.
The veg box from Riverford is coming today.  It’s the first one from them so it will no doubt be a good one, I find with the first ones they make sure they get everything right.  After that will be the test.  I have a ‘medium veg box with less roots’ coming, as we have the roots ourselves, 4*4 pints of milk, double cream and bananas.  Tesco are coming Friday as usual and I’m going to use the time to stock us as with doing so much preserving, we’re running low on items.  In fact, I actually used the last of the granulated sugar, which is unheard of!
I grew some Jersey Devil tomatoes which are getting bigger each day.  I wanted to grow them for the nonstandard shape and I was super excited to see my first one was ready, or so I thought!  Turns out it had blossom rot, so the chickens got to enjoy it.  I hope the rest don’t have it.  That reminds me, tonight I must check on the carrots and purple sprouting broccoli and see how they’re getting on, if at all!

8 thoughts on “Fidget pie and helping those in need.

  1. Well done you on helping out the charity. Knee jerk or otherwise, good on you! I love the BBC recipe site, too. I quite often make things from that; I'll look at which ones and see if you want to try any of them.x


  2. I always think, what if that was my niece or nephew that needed that charities help. Do as you would be done by, is one of my lifes mottos. you cant go wrong by that. and if there were even 1 in 100 like you, it would be a fantastic world to live in. It maybe your excess, to someone else it is their hope.Have a lovely evening


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