A mixed up day.

Today was a strange old day. I took my daughter to an appointment at the hospital (nothing to worry about) and collected Buddy’s tablets on the way back as the old vets is over by the hospital which is now a 30 minute drive away so always best to combine to 2. Then I worked the rest of the day. Once that was done the kids and I took the younger dogs for a nice walk out. I got a bit carried away with the pictures, so I thought I’d share them with you. We then came home to find out we’d been sent a request to look after someone’s duck. Well to keep it actually. For some reason they thought a single duck would make a good house pet and now, 2 weeks on, we have it. It’s 3 weeks old and I’m not even convinced it’s a duck at this stage. We shall see.
The poorly duck of ours has gone back in with her family and isn’t any worse, but she isn’t better either. She’s still laying, eating and drinking though. We did however lose a chick this morning. It was one that we aren’t surprised about. It wasn’t 100% when it was born. Sad indeed but it does happen.
Enjoy the photos 🙂
Brambles growing outside my gate
No idea what the flowers are but they are pretty
These are the sloe bushes I found.  Still green but there’s lots.
Full view of sloe bush
I believe these are mustard seeds
Rosehip?  They’re quite big and oval ish shaped up to now 
there was a hare sat minding it’s own business in the distance
just us and the fields.
For as far as the eye can see
These are my Buff Orpington girls and Henry. 

6 thoughts on “A mixed up day.

  1. Hi TracyThe tree that you think is a sloe does it have very sharp long thorns along the branch. If it does its a sloe – however from the photos they look quite large – if it does not have the thorns it could be a bullace plum which is a wild plum as well but you do not come across those very often. The bush you think is a rosehip looks like a haw or hawthorn – May blossom. They can be used but in a slightly different way. Rosehips are orange to red in colour and teardrop shape. There are lots of things you can do with them. Very useful for wine making, and rosehip syrup – a dose a day to the kiddies gives them an extra vitamin c shot during the winter months and helps keep colds at bay. It looks as though there is a good crop of brambles heading your way. One of my step-children's favourites was bramble jelly lovely on hot buttered toast for a Saturday night tea during the winter months. Hares are magical creatures and I always think it is lucky to come across them. The children look really healthy and happy and I love your dogs. We have a Jack Russell called Missy she is quite a bit of a character. Well whatever the duck turns out to be I know it will have a good home with you. I am glad you have your duck back in with her family – its probably shaken her up being terrorised by a bad tempered Goose. Take care. pattypan


  2. Yes that's the one, some really big thorns however I didn't check the ones further along do, so I will. We have damson's in the orchard, so I am told, and it's different to them. Hawthorn, that's the one I was thinking of! Thank you. Hopefully I will find some rosehips too as I fancy using those for the vitamins you describe.Mmm I can almost taste the bramble jelly now! Very kind comments, thank you xx


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