Menu plan 5

Thusday’s post – I was waiting for a picture of my Nana so here it is:)
9 sleeps until my 2 weeks and a day off – it’s getting closer!

Menu plan 5 (week 32) is over on the Menu Plan tab.  I’ve added it to the top of the previous weeks, so I can refer back to them maybe this time next year.

Thank you for the comments for my Nana’s birthday.  Last night we had a lovely time celebrating with my Nana for her 94th.  The kids made her a card and my Mam put a photo book together for her with pictures of all the family in, which she loves.  Nana is very family orientated and always has stories from back in the day to recount for us (multiple times!).

Tonight I plan on completing the very boring task of getting on top of the clothes that need washing and putting away.  I’m also going to spend an hour in the veg plot after I’ve rode my lovely horse.  I have to work for a bit tonight but as the kids are out, so I should be able to get most things done.

Duck update:  She’s still got a limp and if I’m honest she doesn’t seem any better however she has laid an egg in the cage bless her as I was starting to get concerned that she wasn’t laying and maybe was egg bound.  We think we’re going to put her back with her friends tonight and keep them in their smaller space for a day, then I can let her out on Saturday when I’m home all day and can keep the pesky geese away from her.

Here’s a little picture of Ryan, our “pet” goose whose Mam rejected him.  He follows me around chatting away to me.  Here he is outside the greenhouse whilst I was filling a bucket with water.  I’m sure his stories are fascinating, so I do tend to chat back with him.

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