Happy 94th Birthday Nana

10 sleeps until my 2 weeks off 🙂

Today’s veg box is just vegetables, milk and a bunch of bananas.  They got something wrong last week again (the driver left the wrong amount of milk) so if it’s wrong this week then that will be the 3rd time and I’ll have to reassess the milk situation.  I won’t know until I get home from work.  I’ve had to order the box as we don’t have much in the way of veg now.  This is all learning as I said before and although we have soups and things made from items we’ve already grown, there’s little fresh veg.

Their mistake does bring today’s total down to £15.37 as they’ve issued a refund for last week.  So veg scheme delivery so far this month is £38.08 and Tesco was £64, leaving around £148 for the rest of the month.

It’s my Nana’s 94th birthday today, so we’re at my Mam and Dad’s for a BBQ after work to celebrate.  This is becoming a bit of a tradition now although we used to live a lot closer to them than we do now, so this is the first year we’ll have to get back in the car and drive home afterwards (so no celebrating with alcohol!).  So Wednesday won’t be a “doing night” as by the time we get home, I have an hour’s work to do on Wednesday nights, so after that it’ll be bed time for us!  The animals are going away earlier on a night, around 9:45pm now, opposed to well after 10 on the longest days.  The only bonus is it means I can get a few earlier nights in again and not burn the candle at both ends.  The kids are sleeping out for 2 nights now, which feels strange.

Duck update:  Last night we put her in the bath and she loved it, it helped take the weight off the poorly leg for a while and she could be a duck again!  I’m going to try some Epsom salts for her as online they recommended to put in the bath with her water.  This morning she was still the same but is eating and drinking still so that’s good.  As it’s just Steven and I tonight, we’ll put her in the bath again and see how she goes.

11 thoughts on “Happy 94th Birthday Nana

  1. Have a good celebration, working out how much to grow is the hardest thing to work out, I have cut down on courgettes onions and garlic from last year increased beetroot tomatoes doing succesional sowings of beans peas and potatoes I am keeping a record of everything we are sowing and harvesting and should in a couple of years be able to grow the amount we need


  2. hope you had a good time. love your duck bless her she looks as though she really is enjoying herself. geese are very good guard dogs but can be very rough. my grandparents used to have them and they used to keep us all in check. however what we did not realise as little ones was that the goose or geese running round the orchard in the summer usually ended up for Christmas dinner. take care. Pattypan x


  3. I guess the weather and temperature will have a huge impact regardless of how well we plan. It's so exciting though, every year will be a learning year I hope! We'll never know everything 🙂


  4. She loved it! Was nice to see after her obvious pain. The geese are fine with us and don't bother with visitors (slightly annoyingly as I would like to think they would chase an opportunist). haha the kids know which ones are for Christmas dinner. x


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