Menu Plan 3

Seen as though I am listing out everything we’ve grown from scratch on tomorrow’s blog, today I thought I would post the menu plan for Wednesday to Tuesday.  It’s looking like this:

Wednesday – Spinach and feta stuffed chicken with jacket potato, broad bean mint and barley salad

Thursday – Chorizo & broad bean risotto as didn’t have last week

Friday – Hearty Pasta Soup with homemade crusty bread followed by broad bean and herb potato cakes with salad if any space left!

SaturdayLunch – Broad bean and pea soup.

Afternoon – BBQ @ ours for family.  Thoughts are:

Sausages with homemade redcurrant relish.

Marinated chicken pieces with homemade coleslaw.

Roasted pepper and chorizo orzo salad

New potatoes and sundried tomato salad.

Salad using radishes and tomatoes.

Homemade lemonade.

Homemade sun dried tomato bread.

Mam’s bringing the desert and the wine!

Sunday – Cauliflower soup with left overs from BBQ.

To do:  Make loaf of bread for Mon/Tues, make quiche/flapjacks/cake & soup.

Monday – Ham & Broad bean quiche with salad and new potatoes

Tuesday – Omelette or jacket potato (kids eat out on Tues)
Time to print this off and stick it on the fridge!

I do have the usual Friday delivery coming from Tesco as I had no milk with not having a veg box delivery so I needed that plus the other usual items including ingredients to make the above.  The Friday delivery is working out great.  The time is perfect (in between 4 and 5), so I’ve just got home, get the shopping away before I start thinking about any other jobs, then plenty of time to make tea and enjoy the evening.  This is the last delivery of the month as it is a new budget from Monday. 

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