Second veg box delivery must equal the next menu plan

The veg box this week contains:
New potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, bunched turnips, spinach, broad beans, lettuce.
In addition to the Farm Box (slightly different to last week) I ordered 4 lots of milk.  I didn’t get the raw milk or the cream this time as I’d ordered it before we’d had the first delivery and I wasn’t sure if we’d like it or not. (I’m impatient like that).  I will however be ordering the cream again.  It was delicious.  Occasionally I will order the raw milk but it’s a lot more expensive so will be a treat when I do.
This week’s box cost £10, the milk is £1.79 each and the delivery is £2.40.
Total £19.56
The menu plan for the new veg box is:
Wednesday – Chicken, leek and plum pie with new potatoes, bunched turnips and carrots.
To do:  Make loaf of bread
Thursday – Lasagne with garlic & tomato flatbread and veg box lettuce & tomatoes
Friday – Hearty Pasta Soup with homemade crusty bread
Broad bean and herb potato cakes with salad
To do:  Make loaf of bread for weekend
Saturday – Spinach and feta stuffed chicken with jacket potato, broad bean mint and barley salad
Saturday extras – Make quiche/flapjacks/meringue or cake & sweet potato soup.
Sunday – Broad bean and Lancashire cheese tart (made on Saturday)
Beef in gravy steak pie with new potatoes, carrots, turnips & broad beans.
To do:  Make loaf of bread for Mon/Tues
Monday – Chorizo & broad bean risotto
To do:  Make a loaf of bread for Mam for the morning
Tuesday – Omelettes for Ste and I with whatever fillings are available (kids eat at Grandparents on a Tues).
Tesco is coming on Friday as normal and bringing with it the ingredients I need to make the recipes for the coming week plus the weekly usuals.  This came to £40.30 when I checked out, which is bang on budget.
Grocery spends for Menu Plan 2 (week 29 of the year) are £59.86.

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