Weekend roundup

On Friday after work I made a broad bean, spinach and feta pie using filo pastry. I’m afraid it wasn’t very nice though. It lacked something. I also made a cauliflower soup which was nice and will see us through in the freezer for a while. The tesco delivery arrived on time and was swiftly put away.
Saturday I rode out in lydia, my horse. If ever there are any problems or my brain feels full, a ride out fixes most things! I tried to get a few things done in the veg plot but for rained off so I spent the afternoon baking cakes and strawberry shortbread ready for the guests on the night. We had family drop round at 2pm on saturday so we caught up with them and got ready for the evening out.
We went for a meal at our local pub on the night with my Uncle and his wife who are visiting is from Bedford. Mam and Dad joined and we had some great good then back to our house for pudding and a few drinks. It went down really well so I am pleased.
Oh also on saturday, Buddy, the labrador stole a whole loaf of fresh bread! Swine.
Today has been up and down as Sonic, my smallest pony took ill on me. He has had colic which basically is a term for all forms of tummy aches in horses and ponies. I had to call the vet out as he was in a lot of pain so she’s given him a shot of buscopan to relax his inside which were hurting him plus some bute which is horse pain killer. I’ll be up late tonight to check on him as the injection lasts 8 hours which takes me to midnight when I need to make sure he’s still ok.
However in good news today we harvested 800g of raspberries which I am also going to turn into jam. We use a lot of jam in the winter so I’d like to make sure we’re well stocked up. There are blackcurrants and red too so I need to figure out what to do with them. The strawberries for the cake and shortbread I made were sooo sweet. I love eating them straight from the ground.
I’ve taken a photo of my largest beefsteak tomato! I can’t wait to eat this one! Started him growing on 14th February! Also Ryan the house goose with his hens behind him and out strawberry haul.
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

6 thoughts on “Weekend roundup

  1. Hope your pony makes a speedy recovery, bad dog eating the bread was he OK after Sol has a poorly tummy today eating too much of the wrong stuff yesterday


  2. I tell you, Buddy is a nightmare with food. He's on steroids so he had the usual Labrador greediness but 10 times worse. He is fine thank you, he seems to have a cast iron stomach. Touch would the pony is ok this morning, I did a late night check around midnight and gave him a bit of hay then he'd been to the loo this morning and seems back to normal. Phew! Thanks for asking


  3. I can't take credit for the rasps or strawbs I'm afraid though I will a bit hah! They were left by the previous owners and we did nothing to them as we didn't know what they were. Now I need to figure out when and how to cut them back without killing them! I've never had a beef tomato before believe it or not. No doubt it won't be as sweet but it'll go lovely in a BLT or a burger I'm sure 😀 x


  4. I have beefsteak toms too but I'm not keen on them. I wont be growing the again. I didn't pull the suckers' up on my raspberries so my crop will be small. I know now! Its all a learning curve.


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