Picture updates

We have had a brilliant last week which I haven’t had time to post about so for tonight I will just post pictures showing what we’ve been up to. This includes a very successful and happy party, 3 night UK break, veg plot and greenhouse updates and our first chicken ready for the table. I’ll go in to more detail over the next few days. However for tonight I’m chilling and enjoying my time off. Bliss.

4 thoughts on “Picture updates

  1. Blimey – you'll be charging for folk to come and visit (and see how it's done!!) soon. My veg plot is severely restricted this year as we have been so busy with my small business, but still time to plant some more. Well done anyway.


  2. My goodness. What a wonderful array of wonderfullness! Where to start? Hope my leeks and cabbages look half as good as yours, neither planted out yet. Loving all your raised beds. Greenhouse looks great. Fab idea for the beer fridge! And poultry a-go-go! All great!You must have really needed your break away.x


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