First free meat by our own hands

***Pictures of shot pigeon warning***…

Well, from Steven’s hands if I am being pedantic. He shot his first pigeon tonight and it’ll be going in the freezer with some others which we were given, to go on our bbq for our housewarming. We will of course be offering other meat that people associate as normal bbq food, but we want to show people the lifestyle we’ve chosen and are trying to adopt as we’re very proud of it. We’ve spoken many times in our last home about shooting our own food and now we have managed to. One less pigeon to eat my veggies and one more meal for us. A nice balance I would say.

PS do I even need to warn people of the pictures, it’s polite to I guess?

6 thoughts on “First free meat by our own hands

  1. That's what I call making the most of what comes your way. funnily enough I was looking through one of my cookery books last night specifically at pigeon recipes as I am quite partial to pigeon pate which we have bought on a couple of occasions. It was a Mary Norwak book called Country cooking I think but there is a recipe or two in there that I might be trying. My partner is a dab hand with a shotgun and used to shoot regularly at competitions and we used to end up with a whole host of extra meat rations to boot. Well done. Its very satisfying.Pattypan


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