Normal service resumed

Thank you to everyone who took time out to comment on my last post. I feel like I have made huge strides this weekend despite not doing anything major. So without further ado, let’s get back to normal but with the addition of incorporating some if your lovely ideas into my daily and weekly routines. Routine and planning seems to be the key. More to follow on this.
I don’t think I posted about out latest Freeby. A wheely bin with a tap on the bottom of it. We have hooked it up to the rain flow off the greenhouse and tonight I started using this harvested rain water to water the greenhouse. Simple and effective and best of all free. Especially as we’re on a water metre here.
Tomorrow we will purchase our next round of chicken feed but it won’t cost us a penny. They have literally paid for themselves in eggs. How fabulous! I hope you’ve all had a lovely Monday and happy new week!!

6 thoughts on “Normal service resumed

  1. I love the wheelie bin with a tap, wonderful, we are on a water meter, plants and livestock much prefer rainwater, we have IBC tanks set up, they came with taps the one in the veggie garden that collects off the shed I have hose pipe connector fitted and fill the water barrels in the tunnels from it or just water directly from the tank. The tanks cut our water costs to £4 a month, we have a septic tank so no sewage costs.


  2. I, too, love the idea of a wheelie bin with a tap. We have a septic tank and are on water rates. I am desperate to get a butt for the water. I feel terrible having to use water from the house to water things but just one of those things we will hopefully get around to very soon.


  3. That's interesting thay you're on a metre too. I wish we weren't but once they're in they don't come out I am told. I am impressed with the cost per month. Something we aspire to. The IBC tanks are quite costly to buy in one sitting so we plan on picking some up over the year. We have 2 and they recently ran dry but should fill.up nicely over next couple of days.


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