Escapee geese and other things

I came home as usual today and had to stop to take a photo of the house and blossom tree. It looked stunning! Nature at its best. Then I came in, got changed and went straight outside to check all animals are present and correct. Filling up the geeses water I realised they weren’t there hissing at me so I went to check their usual hang out and they weren’t there either. In fact they were nowhere to be seen. So my daughter and I went looking and found them hanging about near the stream on the other side of our boundary. I have no idea how they got to it as there’s a full fence with mesh and corragated steel there which the goslings couldn’t fly or jump over even if the adults could. Anyway we headed them back and they spend a happy few hours sunbathing where they should be!
I went to check the veg plot once all the animals were accounted for and found the asparagus has gone crazy today with one having gone to seed. They grow at a crazy speed. Does anyone know if it can freeze?
Ryan the adopted gosling is enjoying his new home, our home! He loves following Steven about. The dogs aren’t so happy about that though!
I was looking through the small paddock tonight and noticed the nettles are taking over as is this ivy looking plant. Both are going to have to be strimmed back at the weekend and kept on top of as there is very little grass in there anyway and I will have to keep supplementing hay if we don’t sort it. At least they can use it to stretch their legs. Anyone any ideas what the ivy type plant is?
Almost the weekend and I can’t wait!!
Spot the geese? Top middle!
Cowslips and nettles!

3 thoughts on “Escapee geese and other things

  1. I would be cutting that asparagus, once it starts going to seed it stops throwing up spears until next year, that must have been a worry the geese missing, glad they were OK.


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