All about my husband

I am lucky enough to have a husband who not only works very hard to bring home a good wage each month to pay the inevitable bills, but he also works extremely hard at home to get our smallholding up and running.
This weekend he has managed to make some new feeders for the hens which will keep the rain off the food and more importantly, keep the hens dry. He has made a brooder in the garage using shelves that were already there. Our youngest chicks seem happy there.
He had also cleaned out the geese pond,  which he made himself, including the quick clean function. His design means he needs to move a piece of wood and the water flows our into the beck that runs along side our land. He then refills it using the rain water harvested from the big barn’s roof.
So I must say I am rather pleased with having him for my husband ☺.
We have also found our duck eggs! We thought they weren’t laying and then discovered that they had buried them. As of today we had 8 of various colours. I am not sure which girls are laying which colours but I am not worried. I’m just pleased they are pulling their weight! I will make something with some this week to see what they are like.
The geese are still laying on their eggs so we are hoping for goslings early May.
Most importantly, it’s stopped raining!!!!

4 thoughts on “All about my husband

  1. Its good to have a handy husband, mine is handy to couldnt do with one sitting around watching sport on TV all day, it seems everything is starting to come together at your place with food production on the way 🙂


  2. Nom nom, duck eggs and what a lovely pond. We ladies with handy husbands like this are so very, very lucky. We have friends and the hubbies hardly know the right end of a hammer. Mine is never happy sitting still for too long and we save so much money because he is able to make things we need from wood, can wield a chainsaw like a good un and he is a brilliant plasterer so the house savings were immense when we came here, there is nothing he won't tackle and I know that without him our life here would NEVER have been possible. Is it windy in here, my eye seems to be weeping!x


  3. Unfortunately Mr Thrift isn't handy at all so I have had to learn along the way myself….however he will help me lift heavy loads and goes along with all my daft ideas. He is great at IT and was wonderful with the kids when they were younger. It can be frustrating sometimes when something small needs doing and I have to pay someone to do it, but we can't all be good at everything I suppose lol


  4. Oh dear! My hubby tries extremely hard to be handy, but just is not creative or I am sorry to say, imaginative! I usually am the one that comes up with plans or solutions. I must say that he is extremely supportive and helpful, and that he really does have the muscles that I lack, and is only too happy to loan those muscles to me! So apart from lots of sport on the telly (which I hate! the telly, not the sport) I can always call on him and he will come and help without a complaint!


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