What’s happening to this plant?

Evening all.
Does anyone know why this tomato plant looks different to the rest. Is this what going to seed means and if so, is it a ‘gonna’?
Today has been a lot nicer in terms of the weather however it is due to rain again tomorrow afternoon so let’s hope it isn’t too bad.

6 thoughts on “What’s happening to this plant?

  1. I dont think its a tomato plant, going to seed is what leafy green plants do, ie lettuce cabbage beetroot spinach its when they start to produce flower heads to produce seeds, tomatoes produce there seeds in the fruit so dont go to seed.


  2. Thanks everyone. I agree it is nothing like a tomatoes plant even though it's snuck into their tray that is reserved only for tomatoes! Strange. Absolutely will I keep growing it, might be the strongest weed in the plot lol.


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