Need to get organised again

I seem to have got out of sync with myself. I do this every so often. I feel like I am forgetting things and generally not on top of everything but rather chasing my tail and marginally scraping through.
This month I have an important exam, one which I have already failed once and need to make sure that I don’t fail again. So what better time to get organised?Β 
On a normal school day Ste is out to work early doors so it is just the kids and I. We obviously have the animals to do and ourselves to get ready. I don’t,Β  though should, prepare tea for the night. Maybe I need to do this the night before?
It is this kind of thinking that I need to put in place, listing all jobs out per day, so that I can focus on what’s to be done.
Further examples are washing work wear timely so it isn’t a last minute panic, make packed lunches the night before, washing my hair on a night as I can never find the will to on a morning, empty the bin instead of trying to see how full it gets before it splits! Not to mention cleaning, it jist doesnt happen. The list goes on.
So fellow bloggers. What organising tips do you have? How do you manage to stay on top?

8 thoughts on “Need to get organised again

  1. I find if I do when I think about it it works for me, apart from the animals I dont have a routine as such, but I do find I sometimes put something off because I dont enjoy doing it then it plays on my mind so I really try to get things done as they need doing, there is only me here most of the time, couldnt the kids help with some chores, my daughter has just got hers involved now she is working full time, she puts little envelopes of money on a chore board and who ever does the chore has that payment they dont get pocket money they have to earn spending money by helping out


  2. I am an avid list maker. I have a weekly to do list so at least I have something to work on. I plan my meals for the week always for the kids, sometimes we have something different especially if I'm trying to lose a few lbs! From that I do my shopping list along with checking my list of freezer contents. I used to have a cleaning list but have ditched that and just clean when I know it needs doing then I don't feel a total slave. I check the linen basket every day but don't necessarily wash each day but I love ironing so that is never a problem. I am lucky, I see it as that as I love being a homemaker, not to go out to work so I always make sure I justify everything I do around the house so I have some me time when the list is all ticked off. Any help?x


  3. I do batch cook and make lots of meals in advance, this means I can do other things,with my time, washing ironing. I do write lists when I've got a run of horrid shifts. I always make my packed lunch the night before, again it frees time in the morning to do something else, hand washing out etc


  4. Funnily enough I was thinking the same to myself, that if I don't do things as they need doing, they never get done. Like you though, things play on my mind even if I am procrastinating and not doing it. I can be my own worst enemy! The kids are really good, my daughter does the horses with me (hay, feed, skipping out) but I need to think of what my son (5) can help with. He needs supervising alot! Thanks


  5. I have my meal plans but I've found I'm not sticking to them, although I am still only using what we have in. I'm afraid to say it has meant a couple of things have gone to waste and I hate that, again, it plays on my mind. So I need to stick to them. The good news is I am not buying extras though. A big help though yes, giving my mind time to get things in order. Though….love ironing??? πŸ˜€ x


  6. Lists and lists and planning is what I do, otherwise I end up in a right mess!! That is why I will be going to do the ironing at this time of night in a moment! Hope that you can get yourself figured out and that the exam goes well! Good luck! xx


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