We are oil fueled here for the main part. Here is a picture of how much oil we had on 9th March versus today. Now this is a big tank, over 2000 litres so I am hoping it doesn’t go down quickly!
The Aga, central heating and water are fueled on oil and the heating has been on for a fair few days whilst we all had the lurgy so it seems to have dropped more that I would have liked. You can’t put a price in health though.
So this post is to allow me to start and monitor the oil use over the year. The heating won’t be going back on now thay we are heading in to April so the only use will be the Aga which I plan to leave on during the summer (north facing big kitchen and may change my mind yet) and a couple of hours for the water each day.
I may regret saying this buy I hope that oil amount will last us until August which is when our next order is budgeted for on the spreadsheet!

One thought on “Oil

  1. We had our first order of Oil last October, then one in December and a third in February this year, a total of 1500 litres. We have a Rayburn which we cook with and heats the water. We keep it on low all the time and then I ramp it up a little when I am baking or cooking. If there is not enough water, for example whilst we have had the lurgy at our house too, I have not been using it as I normally do, we put on the emersion for half an hour. Our other oven and hob are gas on a bottle. We still have our heating on for an hour in the morning and in the evening but the boys are away this week so I think we'll turn it off as we normally don't use it between April and October, but that was when we lived in a different house. All a learning curve. We have a great wood burner in the living room and that heats the whole of the downstairs of the house during the day when I have it lit. To be honest I am not looking forward to not having it lit soon as it makes the house so cosy, but we do want a good summer, of course! I am wondering what the kitchen will be like in the summer, depending on the weather; I think the main part of the kitchen faces just about east. I love the Rayburn. Good luck with your budgetting.x


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