We have a goose egg!!!!

I did a happy dance today as when I went to check that the geese had enough water, there was an egg in a newly made nest!  Finally, first goose egg of the new smallholding on 16th March 2016!  What a fantastic memory for us.

We’re going to leave it for a few days to see what she does.  Then maybe at the weekend will add it to an omelette.  We are told that geese eggs re quite fatty, so now we finally have one, I’ll be looking for advice on what to do with them.  Other than see if any baby geese arrive of course :).

In seed news, I’ve moved the oldest and strongest seedlings into the greenhouse as we’re not due any frost and if we are I will cover them up with a plastic toy/storage box and see if that works.  The next lot are now on the dining room window in their place.  I also have cauliflowers and cabbages growing well in the greenhouse and need to look when to plant them out.  The dwarf bean seeds are coming through thickly, literally.  I couldn’t believe the size of the first shoot.  I will get a picture and post when I think on.

It is do lovely to feel the sun on our backs and looking round to see spring seeing off winter. The dogs are still hugging the aga though and the nights are still cold. It’s changing though. 2 weeks and long, light nights.  Bliss! !

A few people have commented to say they hope we’re all lurgy free now, which I’m sad to say we’re not yet.  I took my son to the doctors yesterday after a couple of bad nights and he has strep throat, my daughter has an ear infection and I forgot to get myself checked but I suspect I have a combination of the 2!  So we are spending some much needed time at home with anti biotics and pain killers, however my son vomited tonight too so anything he had in him is now out 😦  Sorry if that’s TMI!  Anyway, onwards and upwards.  We’re in the healthiest place we can be, lots of fresh country air, what better place to get well.

12 thoughts on “We have a goose egg!!!!

  1. congratulations on the egg, bit ver run with seedlings here, its when they get potted on they take up so much room, never mind a few weeks and most will be moved into the poly tunnel 🙂


  2. Well done on the egg. We have been the house of pain since last Friday tea time when I fell ill with flu. I will venture to say that I feel better today than I have in quite a while. Really dislike being ill as I am normally a very busy person. Get well soon.xx


  3. Sorry to hear you are all still suffering, it's a nightmare when everyone is ill & you just want to get stuff done. Our changeable North East weather doesn't help things. Congratulations on your first goose egg – may there be many more to come.


  4. congrats on your egg 😀 I'm not sure why but I was expecting a goose egg to be huge, sort ostrich size haha hopefully the lurgy will be gone soon 😦 there's nothing worse than being ill and feeling rotten x x


  5. Another congrats on the goose egg, I'll be interested to see what you do with it and how it tastes. Never tried goose egg before! Sorry to hear you're all suffering with sickness, hope you get well soon xx


  6. Hello from Wales. Goose egg omelettes are nice – but BIG! Easily feeds two with hearty appetites.It sounds like your seeds are coming along well. I've not sown a single one yet.


  7. Same here re being busy – I hate feeling like I have not managed to get anything done. It drives me potty. Hope you're all feeling well again soon. My son still has earache but daughter seems ok. I STILL have a bl00dy headache but it's easing at least. Take care xx


  8. Well we have been giving it a lot of thought as to what to do and I think, come the weekend, she will start sitting on them to incubate them so I'm kind of thinking I need to get one before she does that. So this weekend coming we should have done something with at least one of them! xx


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